DePraiaBrasil kite house is paradise on earth. You couldn't want for more in terms of funk, location and hospitality! The house is beautiful, luxurious and the perfect base for any group of kiters wanting a little more than your average rental. The garden over looking the ocean is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a day in the water.

Situated in-between Icaraizinho's two kite spots. DePraia kite house puts you in the ideal place to choose where to ride daily and the spots are both so great it's not an easy decision to make!

There are shops and restaurants close by to the house and the owners will help see to your every possible needs. I highly recommend this place and hope to get back there soon.

Kate Chandler, http://www.katechsandleruk.com

Fabulous! Our stay at De Praia Brasil was unparalleled. Our large group (10 people) stayed for a long weekend and truly had the most relaxing yet action packed stay. Our hosts prepared delicious food all weekend and organized downwinders for us, showing us all the best local spots. The kiting being nothing short of spectacular, we had perfect wind all day every day and came back to the house thoroughly tired and hungry. After a long day on the water nothing was better than arriving back at the house to a hot shower with fresh caught fish being grilled on the bbq! I've spent many months in Brazil and this weekend was one of my favorites, I can't wait to go back for another stay!

Colleen Carroll, http://www.colleencarroll.me/

Absolute paradise! I felt so chilled out and welcomed by the staff at De Praia Brasil Pousada. The food was amazing and the location could not be better.

I've spent many years in northern Brasil but being here felt like a new place. It was all the things I was missing from the old days in Brazil, before it became so touristy.

I can’t wait to come back to De Praia!

Jessica Winkler, http://www.jessicawinkler.net/%20

Last fall I had the opportunity to stay at De Praia Brasil in Icarai De Amontada.

I was stoked on the location and good vibes from the crew at De Praia. Everyday we did a down winder from the peninsula with kicker waves rolling through all the way to a flat water river at the end of town to ride till we couldn’t anymore. After our session we had a ride back to the Pousada in Hernan’s truck back with a big meal ready for us served with warm smiles from everyone there!

Big thanks to the De Praia Brasil crew!!!

Chris Bobryk, http://chrisbobryk.wordpress.com

De Praia Brasil was my all time favorite stop during my one-month kiteboarding excursion. The village is small and primarily occupied by fisherman and small shop owners. It was unique to me due to the scenery and un-crowded waters. Besides our group of kiters, I saw two other kites the entire time. De Praia experiences the same winds and flat water that attract so many kiteboarders to places such as Taiba, Paracuru, and Cumbuco. The difference was the wide open riding areas, the gorgeous Kite and SUP resort, and their remarkably friendly staff. The owners made sure we were always well fed and enjoying ourselves to the max. Although, the view from the room was arguably the best part, with an amazing sunrise that overlooks the beach. The downwinder was also unbelievable and one of my best memories from the entire trip. All in all, I would highly recommend De Praia, as it will be my first choice during my next Brazilian adventure.

Sean Buell, http://seanbuellkites.com/

Icaraizinho is a Brazilian paradise at its fullest… When I stayed at De Praia Brasil I felt at home, I felt in “Casa”… The house is located right in front of the sea, you can literally step out of your room and go for a kiting session. If your are looking for a place to disconnect and let yourself go, this is the place for you!

Forest Bakker, http://www.forestbakker.com/