De Praia Brasil was my all time favorite stop during my one-month kiteboarding excursion. The village is small and primarily occupied by fisherman and small shop owners. It was unique to me due to the scenery and un-crowded waters. Besides our group of kiters, I saw two other kites the entire time. De Praia experiences the same winds and flat water that attract so many kiteboarders to places such as Taiba, Paracuru, and Cumbuco. The difference was the wide open riding areas, the gorgeous Kite and SUP resort, and their remarkably friendly staff. The owners made sure we were always well fed and enjoying ourselves to the max. Although, the view from the room was arguably the best part, with an amazing sunrise that overlooks the beach. The downwinder was also unbelievable and one of my best memories from the entire trip. All in all, I would highly recommend De Praia, as it will be my first choice during my next Brazilian adventure.

Sean Buell,