The Area

You will fall in love with the warm waters, the white sand beaches, the palm trees combing the sky…. this describes the paradise that is Icaraizinho de Amontada, which is home to our De Praia Brazil Pousada.

Icarai de Amontada’s beaches, or Icaraizinho, as the locals call it, is the perfect representation of Brazil’s origins, a virtually virgin paradise in the coast of Ceara. Its proximity to Fortaleza is very convenient, it is a 2 hour drive from that location.

The so called little sister of Jeri, Icaraizinho is the new jewel on the coast of Ceara

This marvelous paradise was discovered by a tourist, a Kite surfer and Windsurfer who came across this incredible place, in a small fishing village.

It is a dream location, the perfect escape from the city life, a bare connection with nature in a magnificent setting.  Its old fashioned architecture, its restaurants filled with typical dishes, foods that are representative of a fishing village, varieties of seafood and fresh fish that add to the attraction of this place.

Kite’s line the sky as the add color as they attract kitesurf enthusiasts, this is a perfect spot for various sports such as SUP and windsurf.

This small town is peaceful and calm, its locals are friendly and happy and always offer a smile. The weather and nature make this place particularly special given it is summer almost all year round.

Don’t miss your chance to get to experience this unique paradise!