Make sure you visit Brazil's kitesurfing paradise

The so called little sister of Jeri, Icaraizinho is the new jewel on the coast of Ceara


Kite school

Our experienced team of instructors will help you progress on your kiting, and will take you to places that will blow your mind.

Prepare yourself to ride in perfect conditions, progress at a fast pace and develop new skills.

Soon we will be opening our kite shop featuring gear from top brands, providing equipment rental and kite repair service.


Freestyle and Waves 

The possibilities this sea offers are endless, the conditions are always great, the wind season lasts 8 months of the year. There are various options in this perfect location: towards the south, in the wind mill area, the sea is wavy, ideal for a more adventurous ride. Right across from the pousada is a great flat spot that forms right in the gulf. And towards the north, both options combine, wavy sea during the morning, followed by a marvelous flat that forms after the breaking wave, which can be enjoyed until sunset.


Flat lagoons

A few miles from our beach, you will find the Lagoa dos Caetanos, this is a freshwater lagoon, which is a perfect kiting spot, its clear flat waters with sandy beaches offers kiters the possibility to enjoy the constant wind in a different setting. This is also a great location for other sports such as kayaking , windsurfing , swimming and fishing. About 5 miles down the beach you can downwind to an area where the river crosses the sea, a fantastic flat forms in the Aracatiacu River.



The coastline of the state of Ceara has the distinction of having the best Kitesurfing beaches in Brazil , especially known for its downwinders. There are various beaches, from Fortaleza all the way to the northeast. Secluded beaches, dunes, white sand, coconut trees, a paradise that surrounds you as you enjoy the spectacular downwind. We organize different trips, including travel to other beaches, downwinds, depending on the expertise of riders. We offer trips from one to three days, covering distances from 8 to 60 miles.